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Posted by ( on November 20, 2001 at 10:37:23 AM EST:

In Reply to: Re: ghosts and quija boards posted by Jill Townsend Olstein on March 01, 2001 at 05:56:46 PM MST:

: : I truly believe in quija boards and ghosts.See all my life i've experienced wierd happenings,things missing and my lights turning on and off, I didn't really know that it was a very rare situation.People would die to be in my place, but I've grown to like it a little, except when i'm alone in the house even just with my big sis!I would really like to share some unusual happenings with you:When I lived in my first house in Williamston,SC the lady who sold us the house was still striving to get over the fact that her husband had died in that house.Later when one of my three sisters were little she woke up my mother to tell her she had to go to the bathroom, my mother set her in the bathroom and quickly strolled off in the kitchen to get a bandaid. My sis was unraveling the toilet paper and she felt a wierd chill on the back of her neck she turned to see what it was and she turned around to discover an elderly man standing in the door way,he looked straight at her and walked away when mom came in the room her face was so pale.2nd story:One day we had just moved to a two-story house it was cool,I loved it,alot!One day my sister and I were up in our room playing a game until we heard an unusual noise we ran to the staircase and we looked at the red velveety covered stairs to see if anyone was there,no one in sight.We looked at the steps closely 'cause whenever we step on each stair it would go down an inch still nothing. We thought it was our mom so we acted like we were going back to our room but really we hid in the corner."Screech Screech",it creeped.Qickly we rushed to the staircase and there right in front of us were two fresh foot steps and to go with it a young face.3rd story:We soon moved to a house in greenville,SC it was plenty cozy,but that's not all it was!One day our mom had to go to work and my sis and I wanted to stay home so my mom dropped us off across the street to our friends house.We soon drifted away in La La Land playing away until we heard doors shutting we looked at our house and as doors were being opened and shut along with a voice saying Amanda Jilene where are you?We went inside our house and then the searching shadow stopped,we looked around and noticed our mother wasn't even there we begged to stay over our friends house so we got to.Fun, huh?4th story:When we moved into another house with our step dad we were at home and my moms friend was babysitting us with his door shut and locked(What a way to go!)We were dancing then all of a sudden we heard the door open then shut,"yes,we thought "mom is home at last! "Amanda come help me with the groceries,"the voice said."when we went to look for mom she wasn't anywhere to be found! We finally looked out the window for our mothers car, we figured it might have been our grandmother she hardly knew me! I wonder if it was!Story 5:I just now moved into the house i am in know I was in the living room watching television when all of a sudden a wierd doll popped down from somewhere on the cieling no one home I got freaked out then I started watching television again until my honey mustard that a second ago was right beside me also fell from the cieling I was very afraid! Now you've seen my boring scary life,I wish I were a normal kid enjoying playing house and all but now that doesn't interest me,instead I enjoy files,typing,and super natural stuff, how typical!

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