Re: I hate JEWS!!!!!, (thank you)

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Posted by james ( on December 15, 2001 at 05:55:17 PM EST:

In Reply to: Re: I hate JEWS!!!!!, (thank you) posted by JESUS CHRIST on September 28, 2000 at 06:56:44 PM MDT:

Ever heard the saying 'A bad jew is like a Virus, you don't know when you got it. But when you do know you have the Virus its to late'.

Let me say I do not hate Jews as in any race you get good people and bad people. But what I have noticed is that people in the jewish race are incredibly conniving, more than any other race.

First of all, you will not find a European or western country that does not have Jewish descendents in it that is in a position of power. That is a politician, owner of a media company or just plain wealthy, all these positions can affect every aspect on how a country is run.

The mass immigration of jews was aroused through centuries of persecution especially in the past few decades. Persecution for their evil deeds (no not all jews are victims), although some times they have been persecuted for simple haltered (haltered is evil in any form).

Lets take America for example. The USA has many jewish decedents politicians and allot of the big media companies are run by jewish descendants. So in America they can control what people hear, see and think. This would explain why America funds and arms isreal, a country that was declared as a racist state by the United Nations.

jewish people have been very successful at integrating into other races (via mixed race marriages), but they are always loyal to their race and home country isreal. No matter if they are 100% American, British, French, Italien, Polish and yes even German.

Today jewish people are the most influential and powerful people in the world. You might ask shouldn't we respect a race that is so successful. Well the answer depends on weather you respect some one who achieves some thing on there own merit or some one is successful by using and manipulating people (a powerful jewish person).

I personally think the reason Jews are hated so much, is that people all know what I have said above. They see jews controlling and medalling in world issues that would sort them selves out without some one trying to make profit out of it. Also people cannot understand why jews persecute Palestinians in a similar way Hitler persecuted them. By taking their possessions, land, freedom, killing innocent children. Could it be a classic case of the ABUSED BECOMING THE ABUSER? They of all people should have learnt from history. But all iv seen they have learn is to defend them selves at the cost every nation and every individual around them.

No offence to any one who reads this, but I feel this a very true fact of life. There are every day jews just like every one else, with a normal paid 9 to 5 job. They should not be hated for the evils deeds of people in their race.

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