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Posted by Anne-Marie ( on November 28, 2000 at 02:25:20 PM MST:

In Reply to: Re: USE THE QUIJA BOARD posted by SERINA ROBERTSON on June 27, 2000 at 09:02:52 AM MDT:

You ask why it never works? You think it's not real? I can tell you a few stories that would never make you want to pick the thing up again. Trly yes it does work for those who beileve.
Story 1.
My mothers friend had one of these so called "games" and she had opened up another door to another place. A spirit had indeed crossed over, It was female and we know this because in due fact my mothers friend's picture would be turnd face down. The spirit had some kind of compasssion for my mother's friend's husband. There were strange accounts with this, my mother's friend had gone to sleep at night and her hair would get pulled, She would be alone in the house, Things would fly around the house and get throwen at her. One day she was in the shower and was all alone in the house excet for hr dog, The dog kept barking and barkin and barking, She gt out of the shower to see he dogwith all it's fur on end standin straight p barkinat nothing that she could see. That night herhusban and her had thown the Quija oard into the fire place, thelast thin tht had happned was a glass bottle on top of the Fireplace had exploded and the cork hit my mother's friend in the head.

Story 2
I had gotten the "game" for christmas. I Tought ya cool go me i got a Quija board this is the coolest. I took it home that night from my aunt's house and started to "PLAY" with it. Well the first thing happened was the lights went out for no reason just in the room where i was. So i said ok enough and put it away for a while. My friend had slept over the next week and we pulled out the "game" and we got this message watch your chest and your back, we were like um ok. my friend layed down and screamed in pain then rolled over and screamed some more, She sat up and had a pin in her back and chest. So i put it away once more and left it away for a long while.

Story 3
it comes to april and I take out the board once more. It was a really big project due in school, we had finished it. So we were like ya lets open this and see what it gives us for an answer. the frist thing we asked was will we get straight a's on this project, Our answer was yes, We were like alright cool. Then we decided to ask the spirit that we were talking to it's name. It spelled out Tarran Griate. We then took another step forward and asked her to show herself, A face started to apper in the mirror, and i had this funny urge to look out the window, as I did so there was this black dress and cape that walked across the yard, the face was forming more in the mirror we screamed and ran outside to see if what i saw was still there. There was nothing around no sign of a person or anything. We walked back into the room and the face had gone we asked the spirit who she was closest to in the group of ppl, the eye pointed down to my friend. We got freaked out and put it away. the Next day we got our grades, they were a+ a- a a+. My friend got home and called me screaming she had found the diary to the spirit we had talked to in her bedroom, The women had died in her house.

Story 4
I was watching tv, and a show came on about spiritd and such, and there was this true story about a girl how had opened a door with this so called "game" A ghost by the name of an Incubus had come through the door and the girl had lost gravational pull and was throwen up in the air 12 feet and floated there. Bite marks started to apper on her arms as her hair was ripped out. So i freaked out and broke my "game" over my knee and threw it away.

Did you know that also the Quija board was in fact taken off the market before because too many people were getting hurt or falling ill because of this supossed "game"

I leave it up to you to think what you want, I have told you my stories, you may think I am a head case or even nuts, But I am not i am as normal as they come, But then again some of you would ask yourself what is truly normal, and you and I normal is a state of mind and can be what ever you see it fit as, So it is now your time to decide is it real or fake?
Yours Truly,

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