JEWS should be extradicate on the face of this earth

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Posted by not Jews lover ( on April 24, 2001 at 08:23:12 AM MDT:

In Reply to: Re: I hate JEWS!!!!! (not) ;) posted by Jimbo on March 30, 2001 at 06:10:46 AM MST:

Hate all JEWS....JEWS does succeed here (on this earth) by means of treason,treachery,violence,forcing,killing,cheating,cunning,lying etc etc etc.....and many others criminal doings which never surface in the media report.


: : : : : : Hitler should have exterminate you guys when there was an opportunity. Now the mess is spreading and getting worse!

: : : : : Hey tough guy..wanna prove how tough you are..easy just go to any chapter of the Jewish Defense League and repeat your comments..we would LOVE to "discuss" it with you..If you need a local address just look it up on the web..we are real EEEEAAAASSSSYY to find..IF YOU REALLY WANT TO

: : : :::: hey hitler dude.. go back to school and learn some grammar. then stop being such a freakin moron.

: : jews are bloodsuckers cvontrol banks and media and kill at their own disgression

: ::::we succeed in life because we are forced to work hard and rise above all the antisemetism in the world. What makes me laugh is that you know that the only reason why you hate us so much is because we succeed in life and you don't. Pure Jealousy. Please swallow your pride and admit that the only reason why you hate us is because we "control banks". That quote in itself proves what I am talking about. instead of trying to succeed my pushing others down, try to raise yourself above and let us get on with our lives in peace!

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