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Posted by Anand (pandey@innocent.com) on January 23, 2001 at 10:47:56 PM MST:

In Reply to: Re: Hi there! Nice swedish 17 year old, LOOKING FOR NEW FRIENDS! Boys mostly... =) Keep in touch! posted by jon on January 25, 1999 at 02:37:20 PM MST:

Warm thanks
Having Known your heartiest ambition in the internet site I became very glad and my ego compelled me much more to write few lines expressing my own longings towards your highness. At first I want to acquaint in brief about me. I am Anand (M) 22 yrs old from India . At present I am engaged in a research institution which is the organisation of Govt. of India . I have immense interest in reading, writing and friendship and above all copious interest towards stable relationship, if you are not getting any problem with me please write me soon so that I can be able to heave our relations with affection. According to me friendship is true commitment and there should be trust in that pious relationship towards each other. If you are keen interested to be my true friend and having trustworthy in friendship please drop few lines for my appease so that I can be able to heave this nice relationship for a long period later on what we both have to do we will think with zeal respecting each others feelings with trust . If you are interested you should write soon otherwise why you will devote your precious time since bias friendship is not good for communication . You should devote your precious moment towards your worthiest tasks whatever is piling before your excellency. Actually I want to write much more but not now since you would be my new friend and may be you can feel wrong thinking some malice in your heart. I will again knock your door when I will get satisfactory response from you. Please be courageous and come on so that we both can be able to run as a nice companion bearing trustworthy towards each others fervency. Hope you will not treat me as anonymous cause every one is anonymous at first but later on every one can be familiar only the need to perceive it well. At last I am going to stop. If I have done any deficiency before your excellency please forgive me since you have got clemency power and being a nice lady you must try your best to perceive my pious thought. God bless you for your every gala hr. so that you can move towards enlighten future. My bless is always with you although I am quite anonymous before you inspite of I am hurling my burning ambition towards your comity. Hope you will hear me soon if you will have a bit interest on me then. If you are willing to step on towards friendship please send your apex picture for my contentment so that I can be able to judge your clemency without any cajolery. Always remember “ one flower doesnot make any garland” . To run towards positive way we must maintain trustworthy and prosperity towards each others so that in future we both can be able to hug each others binary thought for our enlighten and decorous future. Rest after you. Waiting for your apex reply .
Yours Anonymous friend : Anand

E- Mail : pandey@innocent.com

PS : Hope you will not treat me as anonymous and certainly you will reply me if you will have a little bit of affection towards frindship then. If you are so willing to be my bosom convey me soon I am giving my postal address for your convenient so that you can be able to write me snail mail.

My postal address is below for your convenient

Anand Pandey
ILRI, Namkum
Ranchi - 834010
Jharkhand, INDIA

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