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Cuban People

The Cuban population has grown very slow throughout the 20th

century.Itís estimated population in the year 2001 one is 11,184,023. The

countries population was affected by emigration in 1959 to1964. almost

1 million Cubans left after the revolution.Each year the government of Cuba

only allows 20,000 Cubanís to emigrate to the U.S


The religion in Cuba is difficult because of so many ethnic groups.

Before the resolution in Cuba, the main religion was Roman Catholic. In

the 1960ís the government condemned and deported many catholic

officials .Cubanís who still went to church and practiced the Roman Catholic

religion rarely got a job application or promotion. Though in the 1980ís the

government allowed the people to worship with no punishment. A good

amount in the 1990ís now practice Catholicism and Santeria. a mixture of

Catholicism and African religions.


The Cuban government controls most of the education in Cuba .They

also provide schools for most of the children in Cuba. The school

attendance is compulsory to kids of the ages 6 to 16. Cuba has one of the

highest literacy rates in the world having 100 % of adults , and only 54

% in 1954 . In the government attempt to make everyone alliterate schools are

free of charge. In doing this the rates of the of literacy went up. Adults

who take high level schooling often go off to do instruction on public

health,elementary education,cooking,moral standards,radio,and television.


The quality of the Cuban medicine was highly esteemed in 1959,

and the majority of people were limited to the care they could get. when

more ways and better ways to get medicine was available .The best way to

get to use that stuff was to be in high power or to many high powered people.

In the early 1960ís US made a embargo in trade on Cuba making it

difficult for Cuba to get medicine so social security,work disabilities,

unempleyment,maternty care,and child care. made it easier to get the

health supplies they need.


One of the main painters in Cuba is Lam,wifredo (1902,1982).

He is Cubaí most recent modern famous painter. His painting combine

Europeans movement.

~ Music and Dance

Cuban Music and dance is very similar to the American music and

dance. But they have more Spanish artist and have more song and have

many of the more popular groups that we have in the US Cuban dance is

similar to dance that we do in the U.S but they have more salsa and more

Spanish dancing.


The clothes in cuba are similar to what we wear every day in the

U.S.They have jeans,t-shirts, skirts,sweaters,hats,shoes,sneakers,and meny

more of the itmes of clothing that we have.

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