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Posted by lidalidala ( on November 26, 2008 at 23:03:23:

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Lida DaiDaihua Slimming Capsule Review: Try saying that three times fast!

Lida DaiDaihua is getting pretty popular. lida Eastern medicine is big business these days and it shows. Almost every city in the country has outlets for holistic eastern medicines from acupuncture to herbal treatments.

With its popularity, it just seems natural that there is something to it, right? Even some doctors will recommend eastern herbal remedies instead of prescription medications.

The weight loss industry is one of the areas that have been lida most affected by the rise of eastern herbal medicine. Lida DaiDaihua Slimming Capsules is one of these products. They promote their product as full of powerful herbs from the “Kingdom of Green Vegetation” whatever that means. So what does this stuff have in it and does it really work?

The main objective lida of the Lida DaiDaihua Slimming lida Capsule is to block your appetite. There are lots of different products that also claim to do this and naturally their effectiveness lies in their ingredients. Here is a list of the ingredients that Lida DaiDaihua use as appetite suppressants: sweet potato fiber, cyamoposis gum powder, amor phallus konjac (extract from giant arum and jerusalem artichoke) and alfalfa.
Lida DaiDaihua Bad News

I hate to break it to you, but none of these ingredients are very lida revolutionary or effective. Some of them like sweet potato fiber have indeed been proven to help people block appetite, but they are not nearly as effective as newer products that contain plants like hoodia.

There are also ingredients in the Lida DaiDaihua product that are intended to be fat burners. I actually really like products that both block appetite and burn fat, but they are not always too effective because sometimes the effective ingredients are spread to thin. Unfortunately that is the case with Lida DaiDaihua Slimming Capsules. They have weak ingredients to block appetite and weak ingredients to burn fat. There are better products out there with powerful proven ingredients.

Here is my favorite part; the webpage for Lida DaiDaihua Slimming Capsules says that their product is proven not to have any side effects. But after reading through the webpage and the description of the ingredients, you read this little gem: “Notice: The manufacturer recently changed the formula for fewer side effects. This was in June 08. The old formula is no longer available.”

Sooo…first they tell you that there are no side effects lida from their product and then they tell you that they just barely had to change the formula due to side effects. This kind of thing is confusing and you should be very wary about buying pills from a company that has to change formulas due to serious side effects. That kind of thing bugs me and I don’t think this company is to be trusted. Even the packaging for Lida DiaDiahua Slimming Capsules is shady. It has a naked woman standing behind a very sheer piece of newspaper. I would not want to get a box like that in the mail because it almost looks like you are ordering some sort of weird porno through the mail.
Lida DaiDaihua Conclusion

Eastern medicine may be effective and helpful, but don’t be fooled by companies that are just merely riding the bandwagon and do not actually put any time into the development of spam their product. Spend your money on something that works!

Lida, Çin Halk Cumhuriyeti' nin güney kesiminde bulunan lida Yunnan eyaletinde yüzyıllardır yetişen ve geleneksel olarak yüzyıllardır kullanılan mucizevi bitkilerin ekstrelenmesi ile oluşturulmuş tamamen doğal bir üründür.

Uzak doğuda yüzyıllardır özellikle yemeklerde lida ve zindelik amaçlı olarak da değişik biçimlerde işlenen bu bitkiler, inanılmaz kuvvetli bir etkiye sahiptir. Lida , şu an uzakdoğu ve Amerika' da zayıflama lida preperatları arasında en çok satan bitkisel besin takviyelerinden biridir.

Lida bir ilaç değildir! Başta Turunç Çiçeği Ekstresi olmak üzere toplamda 9 bitki ekstresi içeren % 100 doğal bir besin takviyesidir. İştah kesici ve tok tutan, hareketsizlik ve aşırı gıda tüketimi sonucu vücutta oluşan yağ lida stoklanmasının yakılmasını sağlayan oldukça güvenli bir üründür. İçeriğinde kesinlikle kimyasal herhangi bir bileşim bulunmamaktadır.

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